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    2. Introduction Branch office Honor Certificate Company Philosophy Organization Workshop

      Company Policy


      Making the system scientific;


      Standarding the management;


      Regularizing the operation;

      Getting the new high-technology productions;

      And a worldwide market for raising economicreturns.

      Quality Policy


      Market and quality demand oriented,


      Continued innovation and customers satisfaction.

      Company Culture


      Carry out humanized management under standardized management; create a good atmosphere of lenient, communication, rigorous and enterprising; shape a large family of united, tense, lively and harmonious; enhance employees' sense of self-fulfillment, collaboration and collective belonging.

      Contact Abel

      Service Hotline:


      Bldg. 1# No.757 Fengnan East Rd., Jiaojiang, Taizhou 318000, Zhejiang, China

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